1 hour 24 minutes - 2003


Join Chris Sharma on a bouldering pilgrimage to the sacred village of Hampi, in India. Along with friends Katie Brown and Nate Gold, Sharma has come to explore the infinite possibilities of this place, where ancient Hindu temples nestle among thousands of unclimbed granite boulders. 

Sharma's legendary strength and natural approach to what he calls "the practice of climbing," yield difficult and beautiful new boulder problems. In Hampi, where Saddhu holy-men spend years meditating in caves beneath the boulders, Sharma pursues his own form of meditation on the very same rocks. 

Katie Brown was one of the world's most famous and accomplished rock climbers until she burnt out and quit climbing at the age of 19. Two years later, free from superstar expectations, she's begun to find joy in climbing once again. Like the Hindu pilgrims who flock to Hampi's temples, Brown has come to rediscover something sacred.

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