Dosage Volume II


1 hour 10 minutes - 2003


Six Doses of action and inspiration from the world of high-end climbing and bouldering.

DOSE: Psicobloc Part 1
Austrian Klem Loskot and Brit Tim Emmett explore the spectacular limestone sea cliffs of Mallorca, Spain, climbing 60 foot walls unroped above the ocean. This is the Dose that introduced the world to Deep Water Soloing, culminating in Klem's first ascent of Loskot and Two Smoking Barrels, a route with a huge dyno at 40 above the water

DOSE: Psicobloc Part 2
After watching part 1, Chris Sharma decided he had to try the Psicobloc climbing. Sharma and Loskot return to Mallorca along with Melissa Lacasse to explore new deep water soloing venues on the island. After some close calls and monster falls, Sharma becomes a convert.

DOSE: Four from Font
Dave Graham rips it up in Fontainebleau, France with Randy Puro and Isaac Caldiero. A detailed look at the fingernail crimps, bicycle moves, and raw determination required to succeed on four desperate classics.

DOSE: So-Ill Summer-ized
Southern Illinois is one of America's hottest new bouldering destinations, especially if you go in June! Local Dave Chancellor gives a summer tour to Jason Kehl, Obe Carrion, and Nate Gold, who battle the heat, humidity, and plague of locusts, climbing mostly at night.

DOSE: Rumney
Dave Graham, Luke Parady, and Joe Kinder demonstrate the funky angles and powerful moves that have made Rumney, NH the East Coast's premiere sport climbing destination. Featuring Livin' Astro (5.14c), China Beach (5.14b), Mr. Gerbik (5.13d), and Barracuda (5.13b).

The high-energy lifestyle of bouldering master Ivan Greene. He gives a tour of what New York has to offer, for bouldering and otherwise...

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