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3 Films  |  1 hour 45 minutes  |  2019
Subtitles [streaming only]: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese & Japanese 

THE HIGH ROAD | Nina Williams
In this profile of an emerging star athlete, Nina flexes her guns and tests her nerves on highball boulders well into the no-fall zone. (17min)


In rural Utah, a valley of world-class bouldering is nestled among a conservative community of Mormons, cowboys and coal miners. When the two cultures clash, a group of climbers work with locals to build a more harmonious future. (21min)

THE ALPINIST (PREVIEW) | Marc-André Leclerc
A sneak peek of our the award-winning feature-length documentary. (5min)

THE NOSE SPEED RECORD | Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell, Brad Gobright, Jim Reynolds
For decades, an elite handful of climbers have competed for the coveted speed record on the 3,000-foot Nose of El Capitan, risking big falls to shave mere seconds off the fastest time. When Honnold's record is broken, he drafts fellow climbing legend Tommy Caldwell to establish a new mark that will stand the test of time. (62min)

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