The Full Package: 20 Years of Climbing Films

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40+ hours - 1999-2019

*available only as a set of 25 digital downloads; not available in DVD / Blu-ray * 

25 classic climbing films from Reel Rock, Sender Films and Big UP Productions, bundled together at a more than 65% discount. From bouldering's golden era to recent cutting-edge sends, take a journey through the two decades of climbing history. (Package does not include RR15 or The Dawn Wall). This collection is also available on Vimeo.

REEL ROCK 14 (2019)

Includes the films: The High Road, United States of Joe's, The Nose Speed Record

REEL ROCK 13 (2018)

Includes the films: Age of Ondra, Up to Speed, Valley of the Moon & Queen Maud Land

REEL ROCK 12 (2017)

Includes the films: Above the Sea, Break on Through, Safety Third & Stumped

REEL ROCK 11 (2016)

Includes the films: Young Guns, Boys in the Bugs, Brette, Rad/Dad & Dodo’s Delight

REEL ROCK 10 (2015) 

Includes the films: Line Across the Sky, Dean Potter Tribute, High and Mighty, Showdown at Horseshoe Hell & Dawn Wall Exclusive

Valley Uprising (2014)

Generations of beatniks and madmen drop out of society to take up the rock climbing revolution in Yosemite National Park. 

REEL ROCK 8 (2013)

Includes the films: The Sensei, Spice Girl, High Tension & La Dura Complete

REEL ROCK 7 (2012)

Includes the films: La Dura Dura, The Shark’s Fin, Wide Boyz & Honnold 3.0

REEL ROCK 6 (2011)

Includes the films: Race for the Nose, Sketchy Andy, Obe & Ashima, Ice Revolution & Project Dawn Wall

REEL ROCK 5 (2010)

Includes the films: The Hulk, First Round First Minute, Fly or Die, Down and Out and Under, The Hardest Moves & The Swiss Machine

First Ascent - The Series (2010)

The groundbreaking 6-part series that takes you to the cutting edge of adventure.

Progression (2009)

From boulders to big walls and crags to competitions, the climbers at the top of the game share an unending commitment to achieve their vision. 

King Lines (2008)

Follow Chris Sharma on his ultimate global quest to redefine the possible in the vertical world. 

The Sharp End (2007)

Enter the danger zone with the world’s best climbers, as they push the barriers of free-solo, bouldering, trad, big-wall, BASE, high lining and tower jumping. 

First Ascent - The Film (2006)

Join a global quest with world-class climbers in pursuit of the ultimate goal: the first ascent. 

Dosage V (2007)

Includes doses: Meltdown, On the Fringe, A Muerte, Alpine Blocs, The Valley, Yangshuo, Albarracin and Secrets of the East

Dosage IV (2006)

Includes doses: Two in a Day, Dreamcatcher, Gaia, Return to Swizzy, Hueco ’06

Dosage III (2005)

Includes doses: The Ozarks, Vietnam, The Optimists, Swiss Gneiss, Utah Update, Return to Balance

Dosage II (2003)

Includes doses: Psicobloc parts 1 & 2, Four from Font, So-Ill Summer-ized, Rumney, & Ivan NYC

Dosage I (2002)

Includes doses: The Mandala, Unfinished Business, Frustration = Motivation, Damn Yankees, Spectre and The Buttermilks, Bring the Ruckus, Blue Ice & Realization

Pilgrimage (2003)

Join Chris Sharma, Katie Brown and Nate Gold on a bouldering pilgrimage to the sacred village of Hampi, India. 

Return2Sender (2005)

Timmy O’Neill hosts a zany romp through the world of climbing.

Front Range Freaks (2003)

Join the bold, cutting-edge and complete out-there climbers who roam Colorado’s Front Range.

Scary Faces (2001)

The original Sender Films production, now a Colorado cult classic. 

Rampage (1999)

The classic American bouldering movie that helped launch the bouldering revolution. 

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