Madaleine Sorkin’s jam is traveling to beautiful places to climb long, difficult rock walls. She’s done first or early free ascents up to 5.13+ on Grade VI walls, often in female teams and in remote areas. In her REEL ROCK debut, Madaleine stays true to form as she ventures to Wadi Rum, a desert land home to 2000 foot sandstone walls.


When Conrad Anker appeared in REEL ROCK 7, starring in The Shark’s Fin, his legendary status was already well cemented. Conrad, now feeling his age and mortality, returns to REEL ROCK leading a team of young bucks to the frozen landscape of Antarctica. His big-wall skills and well-honed tolerance for suffering are put to the test on the frigid north face of Antarctica’s iconic Ulvetanna spire.


As a young teenager, the Czech wunderkid was already in the discussion for best climber in the world. Since then, Adam has seized the crown, muscling contenders aside and taking the sport to levels once thought impossible. His battle with Chris Sharma to claim the first ascent of La Dura Dura (5.15b) is immortalized in one of the most viewed and beloved climbing films of all time. In his return to REEL ROCK, Adam zeroes in on unique challenges and establishing even higher standards.


The Sharp End. Alone On The Wall. Honnold 3.0. Showdown at Horseshoe Hell. A Line Across the Sky. Valley Uprising. The world’s most famous climber’s home turf may be free-soloing on rock, but his second home is REEL ROCK. In this year’s edition, Queen Maud Land, Alex’s masterful skills and mind control are tested by his kryptonite: cold.


Traveling to Antarctica on a dream expedition gave Savannah the chance to exercise both of her loves: climbing and photography. As one of climbing’s brightest new talents, she aims to capture the moment while experiencing the adventure.


Jimmy Chin is as comfortable skiing off Everest’s summit, claiming the first ascent of Meru’s Shark Fin, shooting magazine covers for National Geographic, directing award-winning documentaries, walking across Tibet, big-walling in Yosemite…you get the idea. Jimmy is the man.


Growing up in Ohio, Anna Pfaff didn’t get a lot of exposure to the mountains. Now she spends most of her days traveling the world to quench her thirst for adventure. Anna is in her zone when tackling big walls and mixed climbing routes in the furthest reaches of the backcountry.


Not too long ago, Cedar was living in the dirt in Yosemite’s Camp 4 gathering his dinner from dumpsters and putting up bold routes on the valley walls. After his goofy exploits appeared in years of REEL ROCK films, Cedar acquired a camera and became a great climbing filmmaker in his own right. Queen Maud Land is his third film for REEL ROCK, following Safety Third and Stumped.


Reza Alipour is an Iranian speed climber. In a sport dominated by tall men, Reza checks in at only 5’5”, but he more than makes up for it with his muscles. Nicknamed “The Asiatic Cheetah,” he is the sport’s world record holder at 5.48 seconds.


Growing up in Plano, Texas, Claire got hooked on climbing at the age of 10 in her local gym. She’s the rare competition climber who, on any given day, can podium at any of the three disciplines: lead, bouldering and speed. She’s also sent numerous hard lines outside. Claire’s currently focused on training for World Cup events and is angling for a chance to compete in the 2020 Olympics.  

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