When 18-year-old Margo Hayes clipped the chains on the 5.15 La Rambla route in Spain, it was the hardest route ever climbed by a woman. Trained as a gymnast, Margo made the leap to climbing when she was ten years old and never looked back. In 2016 she became the U.S. lead climbing champ, and also excelled on hard routes outside, climbing fourteen 5.14s in a single year. RR12 documents her under-the-radar rise and looks ahead to what’s next.


Back during REEL ROCK 5’s iconic King Lines film, Chris Sharma was already a legend. Wonder-kid prodigy. Globe-trotting hardman. The author of the world’s first 5.15. But once he scaled the underbelly of a whimsical arch in the Mediterranean Sea, ropeless, he without a doubt reserved his place on climbing’s theoretical Mt Rushmore. In his return to RR12, Chris revisits Mallorca and reminds us the king of climbing is still spelled S-H-A-R-M-A.


Nightshift busboy. Honda Civic devotee. Donut connoisseur. But starting this fall REEL ROCK audiences will know Brad Gobright as something much more: climbing’s wildest free soloist. Brad has mastered his craft in sketchy Eldorado Springs Canyon, a scruffy climbing area where slippery rock and small holds don’t exactly inspire confidence. Join us for big laughs and bold ascents as Brad shakes up the wall, while shaking up the climbing scene.


Maureen Beck, a lifelong climber, is poised to take down her latest project — without the use of her lower left arm, which has been missing since birth. An ambassador for adaptive sports, she’s not here to strictly inspire you — she’s also here to crush your project and then drink all your beer.

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