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Please feel free to download, print and publish the images below for articles and reviews about REEL ROCK 9: Valley Uprising.  Be sure to attribute images to listed photographers.  Contact for any questions.
5 Dave Diegelman on Separate Reailty ph George Meyers

Dave Diegelman climbs Separate Reality, circa 1970s
George Meyers

3 Camp 4 1968 ph Glen Denny

Camp 4, 1968
Glen Denny

10 Alex Honnold free-solo on Sentinel 2011 ph Pete Mortimer

Alex Honnold free solo climbs the Sentinel, 2011
Peter Mortimer

Warren Harding on the Last Pitch of Dawn Wall 1970 ph Glen Denny

Warren Harding summits El Capitan's Dawn Wall, 1970
Glen Denny

Tommy Caldwell on El Capitan's Dawn Wall, ph Brett Lowell

Tommy Caldwell on El Capitan's Dawn Wall, 2013
Brett Lowell

Dale Bard, Jim Bridwell, Fred East, Billy Westbay, Jay Fisk, top of El Capitan's Pacific Ocean Wall 1975, ph Werner Braun

Dale Bard, Jim Bridwell, Fred East and Jay Fiske atop El Capitan's Pacific Ocean Wall, 1975
Warner Braun

Lynn Hill on Half Dome, ph Charlie Row

Lynn Hill on Half Dome, circa 1970s
Charlie Row

9 Werner Braun on Reed's Pinnacle Direct, late 1970s ph Bob Gaines

Werner Braun on Reed's Pinnacle, late 1970s
Bob Gaines

Chuck Pratt Juggling near Vernal Fall 1968 ph Glen Denny

Chuck Pratt juggling near Vernal Falls, 1968
Glen Denny

Royal Robbins on El Capitan's North American Wall 1964 ph Glen Denny

Royal Robbins on El Capitan's North American Wall, 1964
Glen Denny

John Bachar, Mike Graham, Ron Kauk top of El Capitan's Shield route 1976 ph Mike Graham

John Bachar, Mike Graham and Ron Kauk atop El Capitan's Shield Route, circa 1970s
Mike Graham


Director Nick Rosen
Drew Kelly

Nick Rosen, Dean Potter, Sean O'Neill, Ivo Ninov and Timmy O'Neill on El Capitan's Salathe Wall, 2010
Lincoln Else

Pete Small

Director Peter Mortimer filming on The Sentinel, 2012
Rob Frost


Cinematographer Jeff Cunningham dangling from El Capitan, 2010
Lincoln Else